Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is Meditrina Concierge?

    I have been getting a lot of questions about how Meditrina Concierge* works. (*See where our name comes from at the end of the blog.)  I don't want this update to come across as an advertisement, although it will, I just want to offer the details on the services I provide.

What is Meditrina Concierge?

    We are personalized concierge service in the heart of Napa Valley. We work with our clients on an individual basis to create customized itineraries and unforgettable memories. Our clientele ranges from first time visitors, to veterans who make the annual harvest pilgrimage. We aim to create ideal vacations by assisting with as little or as much of the planning as you like, accommodations, reservations, winery access and transportation are just a few of the details we take care of.

Why should I use a concierge service to plan my vacation?

     Working with a concierge isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone who enjoys arranging every detail and spending hours online, this service may not be for you. Or if you have a list of favorite places and you stick to the script every time, this probably isn't your cup of tea. I am here to make your life easy so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the wine. Whether you want to have every detail of your holiday planned, or your just looking to have a few loose ends tied up, I am here to help you!

     No one is coming to Napa Valley to have a bad time, I am just here to help you have a better time.

Is Meditrina Concierge for me?

     If you’re unsure about using a concierge to arrange your vacation, all you have to do is call: 707-968-7113. My name is Lisa and I am happy to chat about your upcoming trip, answer any questions and talk about what services I provide. There is no fee for calling, and we offer complementary consultations.

How does the service work?

   Once you have made the decision to work with me you can relax knowing no detail will be overlooked. Meditrina Concierge charges $75 per hour of planning service- a weekend trip can take from 1-3 hours of planning. Your itinerary begins taking shape once you have answered a few questions, and we have a foundation to work from. Again, consultations are always complementary, but we do require a deposit equal to 50% of the projected planning time prior to the reservations being made. The remaining fee is due once the final itinerary has been set.

    You’re coming to wine country to have a great time, and I know that! So, regardless of working with Meditrina, I want you to have the best experience possible in this beautiful place I now call home. 

*Fact of the day:
Where does the name Meditrina come from?
Pronounced: Med-a-ter-ina

     Meditrina is the Roman goddess of wine and  Daughter of Apollo. She was the deity in charge of wine, longevity and health. Every Oct. 11 in honor of the new vintage, a festival called Meditrinalia was celebrated. When the season's harvest was in and its first wines made, revelers would mix new wine with old, drink a copious amounts and pour a little onto the earth for the gods and goddesses.

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