Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calistoga Wine Tasting: Breakfast at Café Sarafornia

     Day two of our "Calistoga Wine Tasting Adventure" started off at the local breakfast joint, Café Sarafornia. If you spend more than a few days up-valley you're likely to swing by this classic café to fuel up before a day of tasting. Located on the main street in Calistoga*, you rarely wait more than 15 minutes for a table, even with a line out the door.

     Eclectic décor graces the walls of this classic diner, small tables and a few booths cover nearly every inch of the floor space. If you’re fearful of small spaces or in the mood for a romantic brunch you’re at the wrong place. Offering the American artery clogging staples, as well as a few specialty items, this is a great spot if you’re looking for a quick bite.

    They have many options, but a few of our favorites are the huevos rancheros, Brannan benedict and Mexican omelet. They also have the best freshly squeezed orange juice ever, which is great in their mimosas. This is my favorite place if I'm in a rush, you don't have to wait for an hour or more. However, if you need to be coddled or expect quality service you may have to look elsewhere.

   After breakfast we started our day of tasting! Check out our next update to see where we headed.

*One of California history's greatest characters gave Calistoga its name, or so the story goes. Sam Brannan, who once owned most of the town, was asked what he planned to do with his northern Napa property. He intended to make it the Saratoga Springs of California, but with his diction slurred by alcohol Brannan replied, "I'm going to make it the Calistoga of Sarafornia!"

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