Friday, November 11, 2011

Napa With Kids!

            Are you a parent who thinks bringing children to wine country is a recipe for disaster? Do you have visions of hauling an unhappy child from tasting room to tasting room, broken glasses and interrupted conversations? Do you dream of relaxing in wine country knowing your children are having a good time and being well taken care of?

           Imagine receiving a massage, sampling great wines or having a romantic dinner and being able to relax. Do you think coming to Napa is just for adults? Well it’s not! While you enjoy your time in wine country your children can too!

            Meditrina Concierge works with the top child care providers in Napa Valley. We arrange day and evening, partial or around the clock care, it’s all up to you. And with a background in early childhood education I understand the importance of safety, education and fun. So rest easy knowing the kids are safe and having as much fun as you are!

            Below I have created a sample itinerary (keep in mind there are many more activities available). Each itinerary is created uniquely for you. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your child has the best experience possible.

Please review the sample itinerary below:

9:00am: The day starts with your children being picked up by their care provider after breakfast at your hotel, vacation home or resort. They are in for a day filled with fun and adventure.

10:00am: After a short ride into the hills of the Mayacamas Mountains they stumble upon Safari West! A tour guide takes them, and their care provider, on an educational two tour throughout the property. They can have lunch at Safari West or…

1:00pm: They drive back to the valley floor where they enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the local parks, followed by a little playtime. 

2:30pm: A trip to “Old Faithful Geyser”-Calistga, where they get to see one of nature’s mysterious attractions.

3:30pm: An adventure to the top of Napa Valley on the Sterling Winery Tram followed by a walking tour and a light snack before heading back down.

5:00pm: The care provider can either spend the rest of the evening with the children, take them to dinner and get them settled for the evening, or bring them back anytime you like. 

        Depending on your needs Meditrina Concierge can arrange: daylong group field-trips with multiple care providers, private experiences with a single care provider, in home care and evening and event care. (Two or more care providers are required for groups of four or larger.)

           Now it’s time for you to you to sit back, relax and let the stress melt away knowing your children are receiving the the best care possible.

            To contact Meditrina Concierge about booking your itinerary call 707.968.7173.

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