Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome to Meditrina Concierge

    Thank you for checking out our blog.

  What we do:

    We are your full service hosts to the Napa Valley and beyond. Whether you are a wine country connoisseur, or this is your first trip to the region, planning in advance is the most important step. Why waste hours online reading questionable recommendations, when you can let a professional do the planning for you?

    If you’re looking to have a full itinerary set for a long holiday, or just to spend a day in Napa, Meditrina Concierge will create a trip that fits your individual needs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wine. All the while knowing the reservations have been made.

   Who we are:

        We are two fun loving ladies who like to play as hard as we work. One being a sailor and the other the daughter of a winemaker; you have your work cut out for you if your hanging out with us! We are extremely detail oriented and we know the valley well. If you're looking to book a trip to the valley let us plan your itinerary for you.

Our Blog:

   Your hosts at Meditrina Concierge have their fingers on the pulse of Napa Valley. Our blog will continually be updated with all of the latest happenings. And who better to find out what's hot in the valley than from the people who live here. Stay in touch to hear about the latest harvest news, restaurant openings, great new wines and hidden gems. -From Calistoga to the Carneros we've got the bases covered.

Our Name:

     Our name comes from the Roman goddess of wine, Meditrina.  She was the deity in charge of wine, longevity and health... so concerned with our well-being that some say the word "medicine" came from her name.

   A celebration called Meditrinalia was held every October 11th in honor of the new vintage. When the season's harvest was in and its first wines were made, the tradition is to mix new wine with old, and gluttonously consume large amounts of wine and pour a little onto the earth for the gods and goddesses.

   Being two lovely ladies who like to have fun we found the name a proper fit to our lifestyle!

 ---So follow us, get tips and live vicariously while we show you Napa Valley.

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