Monday, October 24, 2011

Calistoga Wine Tasting: The Adventure Begins!

    Being a Calistoga resident is certainly one of my favorite things in life! World class spas, beautiful hiking trails and amazing restaurants are all a hop, skip or a bike ride away...and so are some amazing wineries. This weekend I was thoroughly impressed by what I found in my own backyard.

     The weekend started out with some lovely libations at my favorite (and only) brewery in town , The Calistoga Inn. They have a killer Oktoberfest on right now; they rotate their beers seasonally so you always have something new to look forward to. This is a great place if your looking for a lively evening or a romantic meal, they have a little something for everyone, and they really are an Inn!

Outside Calistoga Inn on Lincoln Ave

    The night went longer than planned, so the next morning I wasn't exactly in the mood for a day of wine tasting. However, the incentive of one of my favorite BBQ spots had me heading out the door in no time. And a little "Hair of the Dog"* never hurt anyone...right? After I thoroughly enjoyed  one of the amazing Trip Tip Sandwiches at Busters BBQ (mild sauce please) I was rearin' to go! And off we went to our first winery....

Your know your at Busters when you see the smoking grill!

*'The hair of the dog that bit you', is an old wives' tale that the hair of a dog that bites someone could be used as an antidote against the bad effects of the bite. (In relation to the consumption of alcohol I have yet to see positive results.)

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